Right, time to confess.  Nanowrimo has been a failure.  This year.  I will try again – but right now, with 2.5 weeks of the challenge left to go, I am quite realistically of the belief that I am not going to reach the 50,000 word goal.  Does this mean I am not a writer, heaven knows really, but probably.

I got asked an interesting question the other day: Would you ever tell a writer, they can’t write?

Well that was a stumper.  I certainly think you have to be honest, but there are so many factors you have to consider in the first place.  Is it actually the writing style or is it the story? Is it the writer’s first attempt or their fourteenth?   To be honest who the hell am I to tell someone they can’t write?!

Personally I think it’s a bit wrong to tell someone they can’t or won’t be able to do something – especially when that ‘thing’ is so subjective. It’s like a teacher saying to their pupil they will never amount to anything, bit harsh don’t we think?

Still haven’t answered the question have I? No. I don’t think I could.  I’d rather the constructive criticism route thanks.


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