I’ve already pronounced my undying love for that great society SCBWI-BI and – wait you still haven’t checked it out?

Heavens people – GET TO IT!

Now I’m rather late on this, what with the winners being announced on Monday, but here’s another thing which makes SCBWI-BI so great.  Every year they do the Undiscovered Voices competition where they pick twelve currently unpublished writers and six illustrators to be a part of their anthology.

The anthology gets read by  agents and editors alike and and invariably these writers/illustrators go on to be the voices of tomorrow, so for us bloggers it’s good to keep a keen eye.      What’s the catch? You have to be a member of SCBWI-BI – seeeeee? Get signed up and then check out here:

Right now for the winners – huge congratulations to them all :


Skulk by Rosie Best
Dragons Do. Dodos Don’t. 
by Veronica Cossanteli
by Sandra Greaves
The Executioner’s Child 
by Jane Hardstaff
Felix Munroe: Hell’s Angel 
by Deborah Hewitt
by David Hofmeyr and Zoe Crookes
Dead Jealous 
by Sharon Jones
To Dance with the Wind 
by Rachel Latham
To Destiny or Death! 
by Maureen Lynas
by Richard Masson
by Rachel Wolfreys
by Jo Wyton


Talking With Birds by Heather Kilgour
Birdsong by Julia Groves
Viking Makes a Discovery by Nicola Patten
Isolya by Shana Nieburg-Suschitzky
And So Chairogo Brought Forth the Stolen Voice… by Amber Hsu
By the Light of the Moon by Rachel Quarry

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