So here we are, Christmas is just around the corner and I just know that you, as well as I, are fretting about just what on earth we can buy our loved ones this year.   So I have enlisted the help of the experts – yes, those fantastic booksellers and librarians from around the UK who guide our imaginations with their recommendations.

The idea? Twelve bookshops and libraries provide a list of 12 books they think could make great gifts or reads over the Christmas season.    The lists consist mainly of YA recommendations, but as we all know there are books from 9+ which could make a fantastic gift for every so you’ll find some of them here too.

To be crystal clear, there’s nothing official about these book choices, no affiliations to publishers or authors.    Just a selection of books chosen by dedicated fans, really.   Be sure to visit them if you’re in the area – I’ll be posting all contact details too.

So, over the next twelve days look out for the wise and wonderful choices of the gurus from each of the following bookshops and libraries:

Sarah @ The Book Barge

Cat @ The Edinburgh Bookshop

Alexis @ Central Children’s Library

Billie Jo @ Seven Stories Book Shop

Georgina @ Tales on Moon Lane

Sean @ Hornsey Library

Lawrence and Geoff @  The Lewis Carroll Library

Karen @ Toys and Tales

Katie and Carolyn @ Storytellers, Inc

Libby @ Mr B’s Emporium

Urmi and Steven @ Pickled Pepper Books

Leo @ Bags of Books

THANK YOU to all those who were involved, because as you know, there is no way I could have done this without you!

Now, dear readers,  there’s potentially 144 books here to choose your gifts from – so you’d best be thankful too 


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