For our second list we turn to The Edinburgh Bookshop’s wonderful Cat who also enlisted the help of some members from her children’s book group.  Read on!

1) Gone / Michael Grant

The First in the series which successfully combines action adventure with sci-fi. Think X-Men and Heroes.

2) Flip / Martyn Bedford

14 year old Alex wakes up as someone else.  Superb writing creates very real trauma and addictive reading.

3)  Looking Glass Wars / Frank Beddor

The first book in the trilogy that takes a much darker look at the world of Alice’s Wonderland.  A work of staggering brilliance in my humble opinion.

4)  Undead / Kirsty McKay

For all the zombie fans who miss Buffy.  Black humour abounds.

5)  The Sky is Everywhere / Jandy Nelson

I’m not a fan of romance but this one ticked all the right boxes.  In an attempt to recover from the sudden death of her sister and emerge from her shadow Lennie falls inadvertently and hopelessly in love with two different boys!  Her only outlet is writing poetry which she leaves lying about the town and which is picked up by a mysterious someone.  The current version of this book is designed like a softback journal and it will be a crime when the paperback comes out and this version is no longer available.

6)  Matched / Allie Condie

Following on from the success of the Dystopian genre reignited by the brilliant Hunger Games comes the Matched trilogy.  One of my favourite debuts of 2011 this is a gentle love story wrapped up in a superb dystiopian tale telling of one family’s realisation that all is not as it seems within the society that controls everything they do including who they fall in love with.

7)  Leaving Poppy / Kate Kann

A coming of age, seeking independence from selfish family ties meets The Shining/Amityville! Okay maybe not but it spooked me enough that I slept with the light on

8)  Wasted / Nicola Morgan

A tale with a twist – you choose the ending.  Morgan delves into the concept of chance, luck, serendipity, call it what you will, as Jack tosses a coin to decide what he does with his choices.  Trouble is, someone may die as a consequence.

9)  The Lord of the Rings / J.R.R Tolkien

This tale of hope and loyalty probably doesn’t need much of an introduction these day thanks to Peter Jackson’s epic interpretation on the big screen but there is a reason this book is one of the 6 biggest sellers in the world.  Why not find out for yourself.

10) Lock and Key / Sarah Dessen

I love all Dessen’s books but this one felt more magical than the others.  She tells tales of girls dealing with growing up, of difficult circumstances and her stories remind me of warm duvets and mugs of hot chocolate.

11) Divergent / Veronica Roth

The other Dystopian new kid on the block over here in the UK taking lovers of this genre by storm.  Clever ideas, a race against time and terrific twists and turns.

12) Ostrich Boys / Keith Gray

Three boys kidnap their friend who just happens to be ashes in an urn.  What’s not to love about this amusing, poignant story?

The Edinburgh Bookshop can be found at:

219 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4DH

And be sure to catch up with their latest news by following them on Twitter


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