2012 – THE YEAR THE WORLD WILL END (imagine big booming film voice of pseudo american chappie)!!!   Okay, okay that was a bit of a grim start but don’t worry I’m not looking to be all doom and gloom.   Actually I’m rather looking to be CARPE DIEM about things. Yes, that old adage of ceasing the day will be the resolution that hopefully defines my year.   You see in the past willing myself into believing ‘this will be a good year’/’this year will be amazing, I know this’  has only brought about an underwhelming feeling at the end of said year.  So instead I’m just going to take and hopefully relish all the opportunities throw in my face.

In terms of the blog I’ll still be finding my feet.  There will certainly be reviews to come, in fact quite a few this month alone there’ll be quite a few (exciting…for me anyway!), I’ll be sure to be covering more events and news within the industry and of course there’ll be the tips for the new budding writers.

So all and all I’m very much intrigued to see what the future holds and if the world does end, surely (and hopefully) i’ll be able to say I went out with a bang?

Heavens, that pun really wasn’t intended.


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