So for those of you Michael Grant fans out there, did you realise that he’d be in the country this week?  Well yes he is, AND he’ll be signing copies of his new novel BZRK.  Here’s a brief blurb (courtesy of Amazon):

The most breathtaking and exhilarating ride you will take this year, this is the first in an incredible new action thriller series from Michael Grant, author of “Gone”. These are no ordinary soldiers. This is no ordinary war. Welcome to the nano, where the only battle is for sanity. Losing is not an option when a world of madness is at stake. Time is running out for the good guys. But what happens when you don’t know who the good guys really are? Noah and Sadie: newly initiated to an underground cell so covert that they don’t even know each other’s names. Here they will learn what it means to fight on a nano level. Soon they will become the deadliest warriors the world has ever seen. Vincent: feels nothing, cares for no one; fighting his own personal battle with Bug Man, the greatest nano warrior alive. The Armstrong Twins: wealthy, privileged, and fanatical. Are they the saviours of mankind or authors of the darkest conspiracy the world has ever seen? The nano is uncharted territory. A terrifying world of discovery. And everything is to play for…’

Try not to miss the opportunity people – deets as follows:

WHERE: Foyles Charing Cross Branch (Children’s Dept) http://g.co/maps/d52ke

DATE: Saturday 17th March

TIME: 2pm-4pm

And in case you don’t get to meet the man himself be sure to go check out the book because it’s out now courtesy of Egmont!


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