The Branford Boase Award is special, not just because it acknowledges the work of debut authors,  but it also pays tribute to those editors who work hard to nurture and support authors on their journey to being published and finding success.

It can’t be denied that the author is crucial to a story’s existence, but  it’s amazing how often the editors get’s overlooked.  In this digital age where the growing presence of self-publishing is beginning to make it’s mark, it’s easy to forget the necessity of the editorial role within the publishing process.

So, budding writers out there, never underestimate the knowledge of your Editor, they can be the person to guide you to greatness!

Here’s the short list:

LONG LARKIN by Linsey Barraclough, edited by Annie Eaton and Natalie Doherty (Bodley Head)

BEING BILLY by Phil Earle, edited by Shannon Park (Puffin)

SMALL CHANGE FOR STUART  by Lissa Evans, edited by Annie Eaton and Ruth Knowles (Bodley Head)

EVERYBODY JAM  by Ali Lewis, edited by Charlie Sheppard (Anderson Press)

SKY HAWK by Gill Lewis, edited by Liz Cross (OUP)

A BEAUTIFUL LIE by Irfan Master, edited by Emma Matthewson (Bloomsbury)

MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTLE PEACE by Annabel Pitcher, edited by Fiona Kennedy (Orion)

Good luck to all!

p.s Now all we need is a similar award which recognises the collaboration of the author and agent – wishful thinking…?


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