Writing is hard…but then you knew that.

I’ve said before that, should you choose the path of a writer, be sure to have that trusted person (whether they be friend, family or mere acquaintance) to refer to for honest, critical advice.   Beyond this, of course there is the literary consultant, the professional who can give you an incisive critique on a particular manuscript.   However, there is a lot more to the writing process than the written word, particularly if your dearest wish is to make it a career.  The challenges of writing don’t always stem from the story, you see.

So how about mentoring?

Yes, it is expensive.  However the time spent on just you and your work more than warrants it.  Mentoring is not solely about editorial work, but also realising all the goals which surround wanting to be a writer.

Maybe you don’t feel you get enough from a one-off editorial report; that you need a number of sessions with an editor to work through the stages of your story.   Or  perhaps you find the ‘redraft’  a daunting process and need guidance.  Later there’s the issue of submission – fear can very quickly stop you sending that manuscript to the discerning agent or editor.   Perhaps you’d like to capitalise on your writing (e.g. workshops, talks, readings) but don’t know how to get the ball rolling.   Mentoring can be a fantastic way of defeating each of these challenges and realising your goals.   The thing to remember is that Mentoring schemes can be tailored to meet your needs.

Of course, Mentoring is not for everyone; having had many conversations about it, I know there are quite a few sceptics out there.  I’d say, don’t be.  Do your research because I’m pretty sure it can be a worthwhile personal investment.

To get you started here are a couple of sites you can take a look at:

The Writers Advice Centre

The Literary Consultancy

National Association of Writers in Education

Hope you find them helpful!


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