hkblogoAttention fellow young writers! Uncork your metaphorical ink pots, and sharpen your figurative quills. If you (like me) are between the ages of 18-25, you could win the fantastic opportunity to have your novel published.

Admittedly, I was a little late in finding about this competition (as it started on Thursday 20th June) nevertheless Hot Keys Books are offering you the chance to enter your unpublished stories (I’m hastening to get something together).

The competition is split into two categories:  Children’s and Young Adult, so now is the time for us to showcase our creativity for each respective genre!

Initial submissions are already being accepted, but to update any newcomers; send the first 4000 words of your story, as well as a short synopsis of the novel to youngwritersprize@hotkeybooks.com. The closing date for initial submissions is Monday 22nd July. If one of us is lucky enough to get through the first stage of the competition, twenty writers will be shortlisted, and the full manuscript requested for delivery on 28th October 2013. On January 6th 2014, a final five entries from both the children’s and the Young Adult categories will be sent to a judging panel and the winner will be announced at the London Book Fair 2014.

I wish you the very best of luck with your entries, and am looking forward to seeing what you guys produce!

Check out more information at: http://hotkeyblog.wordpress.com/young-writers-prize/

Happy writings!

By Danny Andrew-Lynch 


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