Undiscovered VoicesI realise it is a little late, but Happy New Year to you all!

Excitingly, the next generation of undiscovered talent in children’s fiction have been announced by SCBWI!  Every year a selection of industry types are asked to choose the most promising new voices and artists looking to make their mark in the world of children’s publishing.

In the past, notable successes have included Sarwat Chadda, Harriet Goodwin and Candy Gourlay.  This is a wonderful way for budding writers and illustrators to get some exposure and also a pleasure, for us fans of children’s fiction, to get a glimpse at the work of the talent of the future.

Here are this years winners:


  • Phoenix by Katrina Charman, Wokingham, Berkshire
  • This Grimm Life by Christian Colussi, London
  • Vickery Barnet Recurring by Sarah Dalkin, London
  • The Voyage of the Onion by Claire Fayers, Cardiff
  • The Wing Giver by Emma Higham, London
  • A Good Hiding by Shirley-Anne McMillan, Maghera Village, Castlewellan
  • Fire Girl by Matt Ralphs, Old Wives Lees, Kent
  • Traitor Girl by Rachel Rivett, Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • Atticus Trump and the Astro Fart by Bronwen Roscoe, Effingham, Surrey
  • Southend Loaded by Susan Sandercock, Canvey Island, Essex
  • The Stone Cutter by Tioka Tokedira, Paris, France
  • Shadow Inclusions by Imogen White, Hove, East Sussex


  • James Brown, Nottingham
  • Dave Gray, Coventry
  • Olivia Palmer, London
  • Sarah Palmer, Coventry
  • Julia Walther, Germany

AND, for the first time you can download their work, for free, right here.  Enjoy my friends!


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