The Branford Boase AwardNow,  I have possibly mentioned this before but there is no harm in doing so again.   I have a special affection for The Branford Boase Awards.  Why? Because it acknowledges the Editor.   Of course the author is the ultimate creator but, guaranteed, the best works of literature have become so with the gentle nudge, bit of advice and unerring support of a fantastic editor.    In honesty, I also think there should be a similar award for agents but hey ho, step at a time and all that.

Anyway I shall stop babbling – here is the long-list:

  • Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce.  Edited by Emma Matthewson, Bloomsbury.
  • Sorrowline by Niel Bushnell.  Edited by Charlie Sheppard, Anderson Press.
  • The Child’s Elephant by Rachel Campbell-Johnston.  Edited by Bella Pearson and Natalie Doherty, David Fickling Books.
  • Frost Hollow Hall by Emma Carroll.  Edited by Rebecca Lee, Faber.
  • Winter Damage by Natasha Carthew.  Edited by Rebecca McNally, Bloomsbury.
  • The Bone Dragon by Alexia Casale.  Edited by Rebecca Lee, Faber.
  • Tiger Thief by Michaela Clarke.  Edited by Kirsty Stansfield, Nosy Crow.
  • Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill.  Edited by Lauren Buckland, Random House.
  • After Eden by Helen Douglas.  Edited by Ele Fountain, Bloomsbury.
  • Fearsome Dreamer by Laura Eve.  Edited by Emily Thomas, Hot Key.
  • Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood.  Edited by Venetia Gosling, Simon and Schuster.
  • The Disappeared by C.J. Harper. Edited by Jane Griffiths, Simon and Schuster.
  • Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones.  Edited by Mara Bergman, Walker.
  • The Mysterious Adventures of Clemency Wrigglesworth by Julia Lee.  Edited by Liz Cross and Helen Bray, OUP.
  • Red Ink by Julie Mayhew.  Edited by Emily Thomas, Hot Key.
  • The Oathbreaker’s Shadow by Amy McCulloch.  Edited by Lauren Buckland, Random House.
  • Ferryman by Claire McFall.  Edited by Helen Boyle, Templar.
  • Alex the Dog and the Unopenable Door by Montgomery Ross.  Edited by Rebecca Lee and Susila Baybars, Faber.
  • The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse.  Edited by Liz Cross and Claire Westood, OUP.
  • East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Jackie Morris.  Edited by Janetta Otter-Barry, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.
  • Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss.  Edited by Imogen Cooper and Barry Cunningham, Chicken House
  • The Hanged Man Rises by Sarah Naughton.  Edited by Venetia Gosling, Simon and Schuster
  • Gabriel’s Clock by Hilton Pashley.  Edited by Charlie Sheppard and Eloise Wilson.  Anderson Press
  • Acid by Emma Pass.  Edited by Ruth Knowles and Jessica Clarke, Random House
  • Sun Catcher by Sheila Rance.  Edited by Fiona Kennedy, Orion
  • The Quietness by Alison Rattle.  Edited by Sarah Odedina, Hot Key
  • Geek Girl by Holly Smale.  Edited by Lizzie Clifford, HarperCollins
  • My Friend the Enemy by Dan Smith.  Edited by Rachel Leyshon, Chicken House
  • The Last Wild by Piers Torday.  Edited by Sarah Lambert, Quercus

Well done to everyone here, and good luck for the next round!

The short list will be announced this Spring.


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