• All authors’ work will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  • The fee covers a single critique only.
  • An agreement and invoice will be supplied once the author has decided on their choice of service.
  • A date of delivery will be agreed with the author.  (As a guide there will be a usual turnaround time of four weeks).
  • Upon receipt of the report a follow up call will be arranged; an opportunity for questions!  This call will be no longer than thirty minutes.
  • Manuscripts submitted for a Quick Verdict or General Report will be accepted via both Post and Email.
  • Manuscripts submitted for an In-Depth Report must only be sent by email.
  • Should you wish for your manuscript to be returned, please provide an SAE with your initial submission. Manuscripts will be destroyed if there is no request for return.
  • When submitting a manuscript via post please be sure to keep a copy.  Liability for loss or damage cannot be accepted.
  • The copyright of the works submitted will always remain with the author.
  • Please note that using these services does not guarantee referral, representation or publication.

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