My role as an editorial consultant is not just to help shape your story and get it ready for submission, but also to equip you with the tools of writing.  Tools which can be used time and again throughout your writing career.

To keep things simple I offer three styles of report:


This is a two to three page report, providing a brief summary of a novel’s strengths and weaknesses.  This would be ideal for an author who is confident with their writing skills and is looking for a  second opinion, or wanting to get an idea of whether it is ready for submission.


Between five to eight pages, the General Report is a more detailed document, highlighting problem areas and discusses certain ideas or themes which may need developing.  This would be for the author who, again, is confident with their writing skills but is struggling mainly with the development of the story.   The report will cover the following key sections:


This is a comprehensive, chapter by chapter assessment of the novel.  Manuscript annotation will allow for ease of reference and show the author how certain points from the report can be applied to the novel.  Further, the report will also contain a partial guide – one which can be referred to in the future and used with subsequent novels.  This report should equip the author with everything needed to help improve and take your writing career forward.  In essence, this is an ideal report for first time authors.

*please note consultation does not result in an automatic referral service.  There is no promise to introduce clients and their work to agents or publishers.



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